About us

Jalmare Oy is located in Turku, Finland which is considered the center of Finnish shipbuilding industry. We are specialized in design and engineering projects, providing workforce, developing turnkey projects and delivering prefabricated components. Our home markets are in Finland and Romania but we are active on global markets as well. Our main goal is to deliver the best solutions for our customer’s needs and expectations.

The key persons of Jalmare Oy are from Finland and Romania. Our Romanian office is located in Constanta on the coast of Black Sea. Constanta has also long traditions in shipbuilding industry. Our workforce comes mostly from Romania where is also located our supplier network.


Design and Engineering

We provide design and engineering services for shipbuilding, offshore and process industry. Our portfolio covers whole design process from concept to basic and detail design. Our strengths are also technical calculations and simulations.

We are team of highly skilled professionals, providing turnkey design and engineering projects. In addition, we can deliver design teams or single designers for customer’s use. Design work can be carried out on customer premises or in our design office in Constanta, Romania.


Working with us you can find professional white- and blue-collar workforce for your needs and demands. We can provide workforce for short and longer periods. Our database contains all kind of white collars, starting from supervisors and project managers to design engineers. From blue collar side there are available professionals like welders, plate and pipe fitters, painters, mechanics, electricians and assembly persons.




We execute design and installation turnkey projects for metal- and shipbuilding industry. Our focus areas are Ballast Water Treatment Systems, Exhaust Gas Scrubbers and other technical systems. In our portfolio can be found also block building, engine room outfitting and other assembly projects.

Material deliveries

We produce different kind of prefabricated metal components and parts. Our deliveries include for instance: pipes, heavy air ducts, stairs, railings, cable trays, fasteners and brackets. The production is located mostly in Romania.